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Nouvelle Nahda is a documentary film essay that explores and expands on the notion of Nahda. Nahda is Arabic for renaissance, getting up, awakening. Based on biographical stories the film captures transformative journeys of different artists while reflecting on the nature of change. In an essayistic manner it breaks the linear narration of (his-)stories, as it brings together different voices and interventions. All throughout the very idea of Nahda, which unfolds, morphs, and keeps on reaching.

By & with Yara Bou Nassar, Myriam Boulos, Hayat Erdoğan, Juan Ferrari, Anna Hofmann, Sophie Krayer, Ayman Nahle, Ibrahim Nehme, Kenza Nessaf, Antje Schupp, Michel Steinberg, Nour Sokhon.

Nouvelle Nahda – a documentary film essay was produced from Jan, 4th till Feb, 10th 2021. Online Premiere: Feb, 11th 2021, 8 pm.

See how the journey of Nouvelle Nahda began:Episode 1